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Meet Mark

Ellen C.

Client since 2017


I thought I was doing well paying off my 30 year mortgage in 15 years by simply adding more money directly to the principal. I also had some other goals that were going to take some time to achieve. However, with the YFB method, I will pay off my mortgage and achieve my other goals all within 5.8 years! You have also helped me shave off an additional $28,000 of interest on my mortgage. YFB answered all my questions and made the process so easy. If only I knew this concept when I was still paying off my student loans!

Brian M.

YFB Client since 2010

Camping in Mountains

"I sat down with YFB after having lost half my 401k savings. (My YFB Representative) Larry, gave me an education I will never forget. He turned my financial nightmare into hope and direction for my family's future."

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