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IRA Rescue

Infinite Banking ConceptDo you think that taxes are going to be lower in the future? Do you think that are going to stay the same? Or do you think taxes are going to be higher in the future?

Look at the national debt clock over to your left. Taxes have to increase if we as a country are going to get out of this mess. So is deferring taxes really a good idea? Yet what you hear from your CPA and water cooler buddies is that you shouldn't take money out of your IRA because you will have to pay taxes.

Think about this: You are going to have to pay taxes at some point...the IRA only defers taxes. At 70½ the government is going to force you take out your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).

Your Family Bank® Agent can show you how to systematically take back control of this ticking tax bomb and create a tax-free environment not only for you, but also for your family.

The four types of money shows that tax-free money is at number 2, but we will take it all day long.

Let's look at an example of the IRA Rescue.

Del just turned 70½ and the government now will force Del to start his RMD (or get a nice 50% penalty) not only this year, but every year--at 100% taxable. Del really does not need this money to live on, and has opened his own Your Family Bank® account. He can now use his RMD every year to fund his Your Family Bank® account, and still have access and control of his money. Now the money he is forced to take out of his IRA is accessible to be withdrawn if he needs it in a tax-free environment.

Another benefit is that if something happens to Del, his family will receive the death benefit income tax-free.

The ticking tax bomb is not just for RMDs! If you have an IRA or 401(k) or any qualified account (qualified by the government) Your Family Bank® Agent can advise you on a systematic procedure to defuse what you will have to pay to the government even if you are under 59½, using IRS code 72t.

Click Here to learn about code 72t.

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