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Your Family Bank Concept

Your Family Bank Concept

Your Future's Benefits

Your Future's Benefits

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Your Financial Planning
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Infinite Banking - Business Owners

Infinite Banking Concept Your Family Bank® is a fantastic opportunity for small business owners to not only help their business, but also help their family and their retirement.

Small business owners are hugely underserved in the financial landscape.

In the early years of the business, money is lean. Every penny is used to keep the business afloat. Saving habits need to start as soon as possible but are sometimes pushed aside because the business is hungry and must be fed. Often small business owners feed this hunger by acquiring substantial debt. They need new employees to grow the business, more marketing dollars to sell their product or service, and the list goes on and on.

Your Family Bank® can be a source of funds for these expenditures and you can actually capture excess interest and all principal that you are paying other institutions; and at the same time, create a retirement plan for yourself that is Tax-Free. From petty cash to payroll, funds are continuously moving through Your Family Bank®. Whenever a business owner utilizes the advantages of Your Family Bank®, their reliance on financial companies for working capital quickly diminishes. With time, the business can produce 100% of its financing needs from Your Family Bank®.

And there is an additional benefit: The IRS allows the interest to be deducted on legitimate business loans, which you'll want to finance from Your Family Bank®!

Here are a few of the infinite possibilities for small businesses.

  • Purchase large equipment
  • Company Supplies
  • Employee Retirement Programs
  • Finance Payroll
  • Employee Health & Wellness Plan
  • Company Retreats/Business Conferences
  • Marketing Events like Season Tickets for Athletics Teams
  • Company Automobiles
  • Factoring for additional businesses
  • Your lease/building space
  • Corporate Real estate
  • Travel Expenditures
  • Business Loans
  • Add Fringe Benefits to draw Key Employees
  • Business Acquisitions & Merger
  • Produce a Tax-Free Stream of Income at Retirement


Business owners need life insurance to protect their company debt and to provide for their own families. Therefore, owning a life insurance policy isn't just an extra, but is something that needs to be a regular part of all business owners' portfolios. The business itself generally provides a number of write-offs throughout the accumulation phase of business owners' lives, so desire for more tax write-offs (such as a tax-qualified plan) is frequently lessened. On the other hand, as soon as the business owner retires, they usually find themselves with little, if any, tax deductions because the business has been sold. Maximizing the Your Family Bank® account provides a cash flow of tax-free income!


Since life insurance is not regarded as a tax-qualified plan based on the IRS, there is no requirement for the business owner to fund the same program for his or her staff. There is no limit regarding the amount of money that may be saved inside a life insurance contract, other than what the contract itself specifies. Given that business revenue may change significantly through the years, the versatility of Your Family Bank® accounts can be a huge advantage. It's easy and simple. There are no separate documents or tax forms required. As a matter of fact, The government doesn't even know that an individual Your Family Bank® account exists. There is absolutely no government reporting requirement.


Your Family Bank® offers instant liquidity to the owner's beneficiaries or estate if the owner decides to keep the business until his or her death


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