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"My People are destroyed
for lack of knowledge..."
                                                Hosea 4:6
Your Family BankŪ enables individuals, families and businesses to create a personalized financing program to capture some of the interest normally paid to financial institutions, and operates similarly to the federally chartered bank down the street. Your Family BankŪ teaches the individual how to have freedom from the traditional method of financing, which means you will no longer be dependent on banking institutions or finance providers for funds. By becoming your own bank, you are able to keep the loan interest as well as the principal--you take back control over the loan stipulations and, ultimately, you transform your debts into assets.
Most people are in agreement that they would like to have their very own bank but very few are prepared and capable to undergo the difficult, extensive and costly procedure for creating their particular federally chartered physical bank. This is where Your Family BankŪ can help.
Where can you find a vehicle that minimizes the cost of wealth transactions by allowing you free accessibility and use of your hard earned money without worrying about the burdens associated with taxes, fees, penalties, or market risk? Where can you find a vehicle that allows your hard earned money to grow tax-deferred, with the opportunity of being withdrawn tax-free, offers guaranteed rates of return, tax-free dividends, a great level of asset protection, essentially limitless contributions--and the cherry on top--a death benefit which will pass income-tax free to your beneficiaries?
The solution is a dividend paying whole-life insurance. That's right! Whole life insurance can accomplish all of this and much more. Unlike conventional wisdom, we concentrate on the living advantages of these types of policies (not the death benefit, which is simply a benefit). You could be asking yourself how a conversation of banking has brought us to whole life insurance. Well, the truth is that there are no other financial vehicles that provides the same amount of protection while providing us the product characteristics we need in order to become our own bank.
A whole life insurance policy enables the policyholder to take policy loans by collateralizing the cash values inside the policy. The policyholder keeps complete control over these funds and determines the actual re-payment terms of the loan.  That means that you, the policyholder, decide the actual interest rate, the amortization period and additional loan conditions--and you don't have to "qualify" in order to receive the loan. As your personal banker, you now manage the financial functions of your life, your loved ones, as well as your personal business. Take into consideration every item that you finance directly or indirectly. The ways that you can put your bank to work are virtually infinite.  Please contact us for more information.



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